Sun Young Cho

Artist Statement


  • Member of KWASS (Korean Women’s Art Society in Sydney) 
  • Secretary of AKATA (Australia Korean Art Therapy Association) 
  • Educator of Megumi FDC 
  • Collaborative Art teacher with One dream community (NDIS) 


Kaywon University of Art and Design in Korea 2000 

Group Exhibitions 

  • 2000 Art Factory ’Blind Love’ 
  • 2021 KWASS ‘Mother’ 


Truth be told, to draw something is like a secret journal to me. In recording thoughts and emotions, objects and colors are encrypted codes. Painting is close to poem, I believe. I pour my thoughts, philosophy, and emotions on my paintings, but they are interpreted differently depending on who appreciates, which isuch a charming point. Seungsook Park who has been an art therapist for 20 years argues that paintings that have had healing effects while painting can have a similar effect on the viewers as well. I paint with the hope that my art works have a good influence on me and others. 


Instagram: anytime_draw

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