Kee Sik Chung

Artist Statement

For me, painting was always something on the backburner to focus on my role as a mother. But even as my children have all grown up, I was still reluctant to start a new challenge for I was worried it was too late. However, with my family’s support and encouragement, despite my later age, I was able to begin painting again.

Now, painting for me is both my source of energy and joy, and a way to express the emotions such as happiness and longingness of my family. 

With my paintings, not only is the process of thinking and creating that brings me joy, but it is also a way for me to prepare for the next part of my life.

Exhibition History

2022 18th KWASS Art and Craft Show

2021 KAAF Art Prize Finalist exhibition KCC

2021 New Beginning 

Group exhibition by past KAAF Art Prize award winners and selected finalists

2019 KAAF Art Prize Finalist exhibition KCC

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