Miok Choi

Artist Statement

My paint theme is light and darkness in painting with a different style that crosses nature, landscape and the figure. I admire use of directional spotlight, contrast of white light & darkness that brings the subject forward and a limited colour palette.

I find light in the dark and feel catharsis through it. We live with anxiety and dark thoughts about the future. So I wanted to express that light radiates more intensely in the dark and I always hope to live anew while drawing and expressing.

I based my painting on photographs I have taken, plus researched images found on the internet and in magazines.

I mainly like to use oil paints, because I like the surface qualities with working in layers.


  • Member of KWASS(Korean Women’s Art Society in Sydney)
  • Principle of GENESIS KIDS ART, SACC(Sydney Adventure Art Class)

Education & Certificates

  • Sydney Art(Gallery) School in Meadowbank (Fine Art Advanced Diploma)
  • Hong-Ik University, South Korea(Education Institute of Oil Painting)
  • Kangnam University, South Korea(Education Institute of Oil Painting)
  • Suwon Science College, South Korea(Department of Interior Architecture)

Facebook : choigore

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