Don Hae Choi

Artist Statement


Member of KWASS 
Many of Group Exhibition included KWASS Exhibition 


Graduated Sookmyung Women’s University 


I was in my late 50’s when I began to paint. I remember it being a cold day of heavy snow. Staying in New York with my artist husband, who was commissioned to paint portrait,

I was missing my children back in Sydney. To fill the loneliness, I picked up some pencils and began to draw. I felt happiness never felt before.

The urge to create led me to buy books to provide basic foundation. And inspiration was gained by spending time at the Met, Guggenheim and other notable galleries of New York.

Despite practice upon practice, improvement seemed unreachable, resulting in me giving up on many occasions. Only to pick the brush and give it “one more ” go. Each time is like a new starting point.

Recently, I have taken to the bold, colorful simplicity of Henri Mattis’ Paintings. I have also revisited my love for abstract artist Kim Hwanki with whom I have been fascinated for a life time.

I now accept that painting is as part of my life as is the pain and happiness of living.

Thank you, KWASS, for the opportunity to continue my painting journey.


Facebook : joanna.lee

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