Jennica Seo

Artist Statement

“Digital Art Story”

My first connection with painting goes way back to childhood days. As a child, I showed so much interest and curiosity about art methods and achieved several art awards at a young age. Through my enthusiasm and persistent passion, I gained experience on making sculptures, industrial design, Chinese brush painting, and Western painting throughout my high school and university years at Art school.

During my Master Degree, I explored creating digital print artworks using the first generation of digital camera. My experimental art genre was crossed 2D and 3D — and that was when I first started my career as a Digital Multimedia Artist. Thankfully, the creative world of art has been such a great opportunity for people like me, a full-time digital marketing expert and graphic designer, to live and breathe the artist journey.

Selected Studies & Exhibitions

  • UTS, Bachelor of Public Communication, Advertisement.
  • Dong-A University Fine Arts, Colleage and  Master Degree in South Korea.
  • 1st Solo art exhibition in Korea, 2002
  • 40 group exhibitions in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, and Australia


  • Multi-Media artist, Digital Marketing & Event Management Specialist.

Facebook : Jennica .seo
Instagram : @smiling_jenny

  • Size: 50 x 75
  • Medium: Digital Art
  • Date Created: April 2022
  • Price: $800 (incl.GST)

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