Cherry Kim

Artist Statement


Member of Korean Austrian Women’s Art Society in Sydney (KWASS) 
Three times of selected paiting in Korean Australian Art Prize (KAAF) 
Fifteen Times Exhibited Group Exhibition in KWASS 


Any spare time I had while working I dedicated time to draw pictures on my computer.  

The truth is, the time I spent drawing was when I was the most happiest above anything else.  

One day, my husband saw my computer drawing suggested I draw it on canvas. 

I took a brave step to apply for a painting course. When I started oil painting, my feelings for oil painting grew with delight and I studied Australian artists and attended my art teacher Hoim’s work shop. This was the season when I fell in love with oil painting and drawing. 

As one of the founding members of KWASS, I submitted pieces every year and my work was selected three times for the KAAF exhibition. This gave me self confidence in my work. 

I recently quit my job and found happiness again as I fall into the realm of painting. 

As I draw, I create my own life journey and find great pleasure in my own world. 


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