Ellie Hwang

Artist Statement

Hello. I am the artist Ellie. I am happy to be able to participate in the first online exhibition held by KWASS. When one road is blocked, another one will open. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we were unable to exhibit this year, but it is good to be able to introduce the work in a more novel and novel counter method.

I paint with inspiration from nature. There is also the beauty of nature, but the peace, fear, rules and irregularities, predictions, and surprises that nature shows always convey a variety of emotions to me. Emotions are remembered along with the circumstances surrounding me and nature, such as the weather, smell, and temperature of the day.

The gumtree, banksia seed pot and cabbage flower in the works I will introduce remind me of joy and happiness. For example, the broken and dried gumtree branch in the first picture was picked up when I got lost after going bush walking. When I first looked for the branch, it was a branch with fresh green leaves. I thought I wanted to take this branch home and draw it, and I worked hard to find a way. Fortunately, I came out of the bush in search of the right path. By the time I got home, the branches were drying up. When I wandered the road, I was scared, but in the process of wandering, I could see unexpected landscapes, and when I found the road, I felt relief and joy.

Do you have any memories related to gumtree, banksia seed pot or cabbage flower? What memories do you think? I hope that memory can make you smile.

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