Namsoon Lee

Artist Statement

My art world revolves around everyday objects and nature, where I find my consciousness. This as a starting point where I find my inner-self through recollecting memories and meditation which is then moved on to the canvas or paper.

My drawings were often self-portraits as it shows my being- seen through the object, thus when I draw an object, I become part of it and we grow together into one. This has helped me heal my scars and entertain my hopes. My works also portray the relationship of people and nature, transactions, love and conflict. In my more recent works, I have enjoyed drawing real life portraits rather than abstract ones and hope to capture the beauty of each individual.

I enjoy touching and picking up the vibrant feeling that the object radiates, and transferring that energy into drawing through brush, pencil, sticks with mixed media.


Member of KWASS(Korean Women’s Art Society in Sydney)

Principle of Namsoon Art School

Researcher of AKATA (Australia Korean Art Therapy Association)


2005- Fine Art Advanced Diploma from Sydney Art School

1984-Certified master’s Program in Fine Arts

1981- Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sang Myung University in Seoul Korea


Facebook : namsoonagneslee
Instagram : namsoon58

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