Kwang Hwi Seo

Artist Statement

One of my passions in art is to paint the beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Many scenes here are reminiscent of my own hometown. The chimney smoke reminds me of being called in for dinner by my mother.

Even now, I can even smell the soybean paste soup. How could I ever forget the kitchen where my mother toiled so hard?

When it comes to flowers, I particulary delight in painting Siberian chrisanthemums. In the language of flowers, they represent a mother’s love.


Member of KWASS(Korean Women’s Art Society in Sydney)


2017 – Korean Brush Painting in Macquarie Community College

  • Size: 61x45.5(cm)
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Price: $500 (incl.GST)
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