Crumbles of that night

Crumbles of that night

Sun Young Cho


Memories that remain as images leave scraps here and there even as time passes. Through light, color, smell, and fragrance… I try to hold onto the memories of now, which will soon become scraps beyond my recollection.

작품설명: 이미지로 남은 어떤 추억은 시간이 지나도 부스러기 처럼 여기저기 남는다. 빛으로, 색으로, 냄새와 향기로… 곧 기억너머 부스러기들로 남게될 지금의 기억들을 붙들어본다.

  • Size: 76(W)×61(H)cm
  • Medium: Oil pastel
  • Price: $850 (incl.GST)
  • Instagram: anytime_draw

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