Being with Nature life

Jennica Seo


A few years ago, I met a good friend in Blue Mountains. Eun-jae (NJ), She is absolutely amazing private chef and professional performers while she is cooking. Especially, you will see a smile with her eyes while she is cooking or chat with her which attract me to draw her on this canvas.

몇 년 전 반가운 인연을 Blue Mountains에서 만났다. 활짝 웃는 요리 전문가 은재 언니의(NJ) 블루마운틴에서의 일상들을 화폭에 담아보았다.

  • Size: 30x20cm, 60x40cm
  • Medium: Mixed Media, Digital Art with acrylic painting on Canvas.
  • Date Created: 2019
  • Price: $450 (60x40cm Canvas) $300 (60x40cm Art paper) (incl.GST)
  • Facebook: Jennica .seo

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