Hyun Joo Jeon

Artist Statement

People take great pleasure in observing abstract combinations of colour and texture, designed and expressed in unique but harmonious ways. People are inspired by the emotions reflected in artworks and this transfer of the artist’s creative flair to the heart of the audience is what I call ‘magical’.

As an artist, I aspire to transform colour, texture and media to capture memories and my inspirations. I work with oil, watercolour, acrylics and have a passion for expressing these mediums in different ways. I have also started exploring the areas of leatherwork and jogakbo, Korean traditional patchwork.

Member of Brush Fine Art Club
Member of KWASS (Korean Women’s Art Society in Sydney)
KWASS Accounting Auditor

Exhibition History:
2014 – 2019 KWASS (Korean Women’s Art Society in Sydney) Annual Art Show
2009 Brush Fine Art Club


Instagram : hyunjoo_artspace

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