Namsoon Lee


Artist statement

I began to learn to read I was given a pen and paper, which more often than not ended up being filled with doodles and sketches. Drawing was the only way I knew to truly communicate with the world. It was also was helped me heal my scars, and entertain my hopes. During all my school years until I finished my postgraduate degree, I studied a range of different types or art including oil and water painting, drawing, calligraphy, sculpture, printmaking and photography. My work is the materialization of instantaneous fleeting feelings. When I interact with any object, a person, or whatever part of nature that is brimming with cosmic energy, I playfully touch and catch its prompt impressions, and let them manifest themselves on canvas. I feel these emotional expressions, often as contemplative as journal entries, are becoming more and more abstract. The subject chosen by my instincts transform on canvas into an abstract figure as it gets more and more intertwined with my life. One day, I found a potato sprouting in the corner of the kitchen – and I heard its story. There was a surprising resemblance between the potato and me. The flowing strokes and splattered paints together form a figure, which embodied so many of my traits. The figure, then, became my portrait.

As if we were destined to meet each other One day our eyes met. The potato exhales, sprouting tiny eyes with poison inside. How long has it been holding its breath? The potato and I; who’s looking at whom? Its overwhelming energy is almost nauseous. But how much of it could I convey with my brush? I keep painting, hoping to portray even a fraction of its audacity. The mystic energy that keeps everything in the universe in its right place I strive to show that this force is all around us. Everything – from the earth, ocean and sky to each single person, insect, flower and even a tiny potato sprout – is brimming with the cosmic breath.

My drawing is not a mere depiction of an object’s appearance. It is the medium through which its stories are told. It is my self-portrait as it shows my being seen through the object’s eyes. When I draw an object, thus, I become part of it, and we grow together into one.



Member of KWASS(Korean Woman Art Society in Sydney)

Principle of Namsoon Art School

Researcher of AKATA (Australia Korean Art Therapy Association)



2005- Fine Art Advanced Diploma from Sydney Art School

1984-Certified master’s Program in Fine Arts

1981- Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sang Myung University in Seoul Korea


Group Show

2013 - Art space the Concourse in Chatswood, NSW, Australia. ‘Colours in the box’

2012 - Nicexpo –‘ Salon d’art actuel pendant la foire de nice 9th edition’ France Galerie des Dominicains –Nice in France

2012-‘Works on paper’ - High wire Gallery in Philadelphia in USA

2011 - Noori and Arum Gallery(KFCC) in Seoul, Korea ‘Together in Harmony’

2011-Bom gallery in Seoul, Korea ‘Together in Harmony’

2011-8th International Ansan Art Fair in Ansan, Korea

2010 - Braemar Gallery ‘Old &New’ KWASS member exhibition

2009 - Kyungin Art Museum in Seoul   ‘Living Australia’ supported by AKF (Australia Korea Foundation)

Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel   ‘Living Sydney’(KOWIN foundation proudly invites the Korean women Artists in Sydney)

Global Gallery    ‘Korea-Australia Exchange Exhibition’

2008 - Hornsby Art Gallery   ‘Harmony in Sydney’

2006 - Cross Bay Gallery     ‘Christmas Exhibition’

2005 - See Street Gallery     ‘Bridge to Bridge’

          Balmain Watch House    ‘Pressing Moments’

2004 - Two Step Gallery   ‘Unzipped’

2003 - Tap Gallery

1983 ~ 1982 - Print Media Group Show in Seoul


Solo Exhibition

Sheffer Gallery in NSW, Australia ‘BREATH’

8th AIAF (Ansan International Art Fair) in Ansan, Korea

City Bank gallery in Seoul, Korea ‘BREATH’

Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale 2011 in Incheon, Korea

2007 - Cross Bay Gallery in NSW, Australia ‘SUITE I’


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