Stitching Dreams

Jinsook Lee


Sewing as a medium, there is an element of alchemy in a way that fabric, two dimensional, as it goes through the sewing machine, becomes a work that you can wear, use or hang… it becomes three dimensional. It gives a meaning to a lifeless fabric. I simply wanted to paint my sewing machine by letting it do what it does the best. Stitching. To me, it stitches not only fabrics but a lot more. Dream.

  • Size: 87cm x 76cm
  • Medium: Fabric Paint and Stitches on Canvas
  • Price: $1650 (incl.GST)
  • *This Painting, like all the artworks at the exhibition, is on sale. Press 'enquire' button if you are interested in buying this particular work. We offer a 10% discount and free delivery for any artwork purchased before the end of the exhibition in November.

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