Moon Jar

Hyun Joo Jeon


This artwork is inspired by a type of traditional Korean white porcelain which was made during the Joseon Dynasty. The delicate porcelain sculpture was named after the moon because of it’s resemblance to the full moon. It represents the peace, security and happiness that the Joseon people wished to capture in their hearts.

  • Size: 41 x 58cm
  • Medium: Watercolour and ink pen on paper
  • Price: $1000.00 (incl.GST)
  • Instagram: @hyunjoo_artspace
  • *This Painting, like all the artworks at the exhibition, is on sale. Press 'enquire' button if you are interested in buying this particular work. We offer a 10% discount and free delivery for any artwork purchased before the end of the exhibition in November.

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