The Mountain Path

Hoim Lee


People often ask, “Is the mountain good or the sea good?
I will answer without hesitation, I like the mountain better.
Let me see…!
In my landscape works, I always notice that it is expressed with the road or path.
There is no way that was the way from the beginning…
This seems to be probably drawing my hope that I have been with the road or path without intended.
The road is evidence of living with humanity.
Never disappear on their own. There is only the destruction of the people.
I will create a lot of my favorite images before people break it more. The road can be imagined or real.
No matter what you see, if it’s a real or not.

  • Size: 90x90cm
  • Medium: Oil on Linen
  • Price: $5,500 (incl.GST)
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